Was Nero really playing the flute while watching Rome burn? nero fiddled while rome burns history behind the proverb and other cruel roman emperors ntc mdj

Was Nero really playing the flute while watching Rome burn? nero fiddled while rome burns history behind the proverb and other cruel roman emperors ntc mdj
Aditya Chaudhary

Beginning with the beginning of the 8th century BC, the Roman Empire quickly began to grow. Its borders spread from Spain to Syria in the east and Britain in the north. Then it came to be called the most powerful and richest empire in the world. It was also said that Rome was not built by humans, but by the gods of war. From martial arts to beautiful buildings and dance-music, its name started being taken. But Nero, a ruler of this Rome, is known for his eccentricity.

Nero was sixteen years old when he ascended the throne
It is a matter of 54 AD. Agrippina, the mother of the teenage Nero, created many conspiracies to get him the throne. Even after becoming king, Agrippina remained her son’s chief advisor. Till then it was fine, but the difficulty was that the childhood spent amidst conspiracies in the palace had made Nero a sadist. He finds pleasure in hurting people. In this cruelty, Nero got his mother killed.

Accused of killing his own mother
Ancient historians have talked about this very openly. Tacitus and Cassius Dio, while talking about Nero-time, said that Nero, who was fed up with his mother’s instructions and decisions, started trying to kill his mother in the fifth year of sitting on the throne. Many attempts failed, but finally the mother fell into the hands of the executioners and was killed by piercing the sword. Historians also say that in the craze of ruling such a huge empire, Nero’s mother herself had become so cruel that she had relations with her own teenage son. In this anger, he conspired to kill the mother. By the way, this thing has been denied by many historians.

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Used to pay attention to the entertainment of the army and the people
Later, Nero killed his two wives one after the other. But after the murder of his second wife, Popiah, the king started getting worried. Earlier he did whatever he wanted inside the palace, but used to pay full attention to Rome. He thought of entertainment for the people tired of war. It was a different kind of thinking at that time. The credit for the beginning of the circus goes to Rome. Increased attention to songs and music. Nero himself loved music very much. He also used to perform plays while playing a special kind of instrument.

nero fiddled while rome burns history behind the proverb and other cruel roman emperorsCouncil of Ancient Rome. (Getty Images)

Rome was burning, but…
In 64 AD, there was a fierce fire in Rome, which could be controlled after 6 days. According to the Roman historian Tacitus, then half of the Romans became homeless. Many people also lost their lives. Even a large part of Nero’s palace was burnt to ashes. Till then Nero had done a lot of arbitrariness. The opponents secretly spread a rumor among the subjects that the king himself set fire so that he could build a new state according to his wish. He had no other way of demolishing the old houses. Later it was said that Nero was playing the flute while watching the burning city.

Roman historians of the 2nd-3rd centuries consider it wrong
There are two reasons for this. First- At that time there was no instrument like flute, at least in Rome. Yes, there was definitely an instrument named Chitara. This instrument, which looks like a harp, was very dear to Nero and he used to play it often. But not the flute.

At the time of the fire, Nero was taking medical treatment at a place called Antium, not Rome. As soon as the news of the incident came, he immediately came out and tried everything to save the burning Rome. He even opened the royal garden and a part of his palace for the homeless.

committed suicide
Whatever the truth may be, but except in the initial phase, Nero was known by his people as a cruel and eccentric king. About 4 years after the fire, the ministers started a war against their own king. Orders were issued to kill Nero ‘wherever he was seen’. Eventually, the lover of music and music, but the hawkish king stabbed his own throat.

nero fiddled while rome burns history behind the proverb and other cruel roman emperorsEmperor of Rome Caligula (Getty Images)

Caligula was ahead of Nero
Along with splendor, Rome is also remembered for luxury. Apart from Nero, many other Roman rulers were heavy debauchery and eccentric. Caligula was one of them. Its dictatorship was so fierce that it is also called The Mad Emperor. Caligula’s real name was Julius Caesar Germanicus. Caligula was his childhood name, which means little shoes. This name was given by Caesar’s general to his master’s son by pampering him.

It is said about Caligula, who was the king of Rome between 12 and 41 AD, that he did not relate any woman of the royal family to another royal family. He was afraid that the children born from this would create a massacre for the throne.

This king used to get angry on every talk and he used to get any person standing in front of him killed. It is believed that he had got all his friends killed so that their being a king might not overshadow his being a ruler. Due to the whims of Caligula, his army was also not less disturbed. Once he asked his army to go to Gaul, a part of Western Europe, so that he could collect shells from the sea.

This incident became the last nail on his craze. Within four months, along with Caligula, his wife and daughter were also murdered.