When there was a ruckus on Anand Bakshi’s song, the fate of the poverty-stricken hero was at stake; The director lost his sleep again…

When there was a ruckus on Anand Bakshi's song, the fate of the poverty-stricken hero was at stake; The director lost his sleep again...

Mumbai: While making a film, the filmmakers unknowingly make one or the other mistake which becomes the reason for the ruckus. The film ‘Dharam Veer’, which came 45 years ago, had achieved stupendous success at the box office, but Manmohan Desai made such a mistake which angered the women’s organizations of the country and protests started. Seeing the situation getting worse, the director lost his sleep. Dharmendra, Zeenat Aman, Jitendra, Neetu Singh were in lead roles in this film. When the ruckus started here, Dharmendra got nervous because everything was at stake in the film.

‘Dharam Veer’ was one of Manmohan Desai’s 4 big hit films. The songs of this film were also melodious, but whenever this film is discussed, one remembers the huge controversy regarding its songs. As such, in this film, the pair of Dharmendra-Zeenat Aman and Jitendra-Neetu Singh rocked the screen.

One word of Anand Bakshi created a ruckus
When the music album of ‘Dharam Veer’ was released, such an uproar was created which was neither imagined by Manmohan Desai nor the famous lyricist Anand Bakshi who wrote the song. In fact, women’s organizations objected to a word in one of the songs of the film ‘Saat Ajube Is Duniya Mein’. In the second antar of the song, Anand Bakshi Saheb had written, ‘Is this girl or silk thread, how angry, how strong, don’t let loose with laughter, keep the reins tightly, hardly control the girl ho ghodi’…. Women became enraged at just this word.

rewritten and recorded song
Women’s organizations created ruckus on comparing the girl with a mare. Demonstrations started. When the protest started increasing, Manmohan Desai asked Anand Bakshi to write another line and got the song re-recorded and released again. This song was shot on Dharmendra, Jitendra and Zeenat Aman and the song was sung by Mohammed Rafi and Mukesh.

Dharmendra had unsuccessful days
Here is the story of the song, Dharmendra’s condition was not better during the shooting of this film. If media reports are to be believed, Dharmendra did not even have the money to eat his fill. Sometimes he used to eat big paav, sometimes he used to fill his stomach by eating borrowed food in the hotel. One day, when Dharmendra returned late at night from the shooting of ‘Dharam Veer’, his condition was bad due to severe hunger. The hotel where he used to take credit was also closed. Dharmendra was lying on the bed, then his eyes fell on the bottle of Isabgol, an anti-constipation medicine, kept on the table. When his health deteriorated till morning, he was admitted to the hospital, then the doctor said that he needed food, not medicine.

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As soon as the film ‘Dharam Veer’ became a hit, Dharmendra’s condition also improved, after that he did not have to look back. Still living with pride.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 24, 2023, 17:21 IST