Who is the ‘Superman’ in this poster? You will not be able to recognize the condition, you will be shocked to know the truth

Who is the 'Superman' in this poster? You will not be able to recognize the condition, you will be shocked to know the truth

Mumbai: We have seen many comics series, serials and films on ‘Superman’. Children especially love Superman. But if a film is made on Superman, then only a strong actor will fit in the role, if you think so, then you think wrong. We are going to tell you about the first female superman of Bollywood, whose name you might not believe at once. Bollywood’s favorite mother Nirupa Roy has played the role of ‘Superman’ in the 60s, was not surprised.

Actually, we have always seen Nirupa Roy playing the role of a helpless, sad mother on screen. Actually, she was typed in this role, otherwise in the era when women did not leave the house, Nirupa Roy came on the screen wearing the costume of ‘Superman’. Like ‘Superman’, he also destroyed the bad people by showing his exploits.

This avatar of Nirupa Roy is shocking
Posters of Nirupa Roy’s film made in 1960 are going viral on social media. Nirupa Roy, who has got the title of iconic screen mother of English cinema, played different versatile characters during her time. Recently, NFAI has shared these posters on the birth anniversary of Nirupa Roy. Accordingly, Nirupa Roy was the first female ‘Superman’ of Bollywood. This avatar of Nirupa Roy is really shocking. For this, filmmakers should be thanked that Nirupa was chosen for this role instead of any male actor during that period.

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‘Superman’ was made in the 60s
The photographs testify that Nirupa Roy, the favorite mother of English cinema, once used to play the lead role. In the year 1960, Nirupa Roy played the role of Superman in the film ‘Superman’ directed by Anant Thakur. There were also actors like Helen, Jairaj and Tuntun in this film.

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Nirupa Roy used to be the first lead actress
Please tell that Nirupa Roy started her career with the Gujarati film ‘Ranak Devi’. After this, in the year 1946, he stepped into English cinema with the film ‘Amar Raj’. Nirupa, who played the lead role, was given the real identity by the role of the mother. Did many films like ‘Do Bigha Zameen’, ‘Chaalbaaz’, ‘Ram Aur Shyam’. Since she played the role of mother in many films of Amitabh Bachchan, she was given the title of Amitabh’s film mother. In such a situation, no one can imagine that Nirupa would have ever played the role of ‘Superman’ in the film.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : February 02, 2023, 20:07 IST