Why sad women are seen more near Babas-clerics, sometimes uterus and sometimes hormones got the blame – discussion and long history about hysteria in women and female admirers at bageshwar dham dhirendra shastri ntc mdj

Why sad women are seen more near Babas-clerics, sometimes uterus and sometimes hormones got the blame - discussion and long history about hysteria in women and female admirers at bageshwar dham dhirendra shastri ntc mdj
Aditya Chaudhary

The barely 16-year-old girl had light-dark marks of nails on her face. Scratches on hand too. Seeing the camera, she said in agreement- ‘Don’t show your face, otherwise the marriage will not happen. The hill people are afraid of deceit. To be deceived means to be possessed. This girl studying in 11th was sure that she had been possessed by a ghost and was now worried about not getting married. His mother had also expressed exactly the same fear, and the head of the village before him.

This is a true story of Bageshwar in Uttarakhand.
In the last rain, a ghost started hovering over the school girls there. The girls while studying suddenly used to scratch their face with both hands and make strange sounds. Somehow he was pacified by giving him Bhabhuti. The same news started pouring in from schools one after the other. All around the same age – 14 to 17 years. ‘Chill’ had no meaning with little girls or boys of any age. He just harasses teenage girls.

During the long road trip from Kathgodam to Bageshwar for reporting, the voice of the driver warned – ‘He only captures women’. Will go wearing something black. Or if possible, don’t go at all.’ Exactly the same warning was given by a doctor of ghosts in Bageshwar city, whom the local people call Puchhari. Along with advice – the less women move around, the better. He was talking all these things in front of the camera. With that innocence, which is rarely seen in the cities.

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Girls in hill villages live with the fear that some unknown force will come with the rain, which will take over their body and mind. They start scratching their faces, crying, banging their heads on the walls until someone licks them. All the girls who get sick. All the men who give Bhabhuti. This incident of Uttarakhand started appearing from TV to YouTube.

In every video, girls rolling around losing consciousness and in the end a kind of announcement that this is mass hysteria. But why hysteria only in girls? Why that too at a particular age?

history about hysteria in women and female admirers at bageshwar dham dhirendra shastriBageshwar city of Uttarakhand situated on the banks of Saryu river was continuously in the news for mass hysteria. (Wikipedia)

Before understanding the story behind, let us go to Bageshwar Dham of Madhya Pradesh, where many women are coming for their treatment. All the sad women Some have the sorrow of the family, some have lost-illness. Peethadhish Baba Dhirendra Shastri solves everyone’s problems with complete satisfaction and full confidence, and also suggests remedies. Somewhere in the crowd there are men too, but as much as cumin in poha. Why only Bageshwar Dham, go to any part of the world or any religion, exactly the same pattern will be found.

In the 15th century, nuns living peacefully in Catholic churches in Germany suddenly became angry.
Making sounds like a cat, they started biting each other. Even the nuns in Holland and Rome changed completely. The situation worsened so much that countries had to call in the army to control the dreaded nuns. In JF Hacker’s book ‘Epidemics of the Middle Ages’, it has been told how the change in the nuns was first attributed to the devil and then hysteria related to the utrus.

Later many psychologists investigated and found that all these nuns were from poor homes, who were forced into church work. In adolescence itself, I got a very strict life apart from the family. It was forbidden to marry. There have been some cases where nuns who tried to run away and get married got the death penalty. The true hope of the scared women is also gone. This inner fear and anger started showing as strange behavior.

France of July 1518!
Women weaving sweaters at home, carving seasonal fruits, taking care of children and preparing lunch for their husbands, leaving all their work, got up and started dancing on the road. The series that started with a woman named Trofia soon started growing. She was dancing day and night. Roads got jammed. Women started falling while dancing. Many died during that time.

After a week, Sarkar-Bahadur decided that all this is the handiwork of women’s body, which goes crazy without any reason. To get rid of the ‘dancing curse’, he was taken to the church by holding him.

Unmarried women were immediately married off and immediately had children. If there are children, the prolapse of the uterus will stop.

history about hysteria in women and female admirers at bageshwar dham dhirendra shastriFrench doctor Jean Martin lectures on hysteria while showing a female patient (Getty Images)

The symptoms of hysteria i.e. ‘madness’ are directly related to the reproductive organs of women. In the book Hippocratic Corpus of Father of Medicine Hippocrates, the uterus was called a wandering womb. He believed that the presence of this organ in women makes them very dangerous. She can kill herself or others.

Many symptoms of prolapse of the uterus were told, which were found in those women who were in depression for one reason or the other.

French doctor François Boissier wrote a paper in the year 1773, in which the treatment of hysterical women was suggested. One of the methods was to keep the woman pregnant continuously so that the weight remains on the uterus and it does not go up to the brain. The symptoms of such women were also told – they have heaviness in the chest, headache. I don’t feel like doing any work. She cries unnecessarily. Along with it was told- Men are hysterical only when women disturb them.

Later the mistake was rectified. This time the culprit is not the uterus, it is the hormone.
Sex-hormones create all the jumps, due to which girls cry and cry. Even after seeing the red light at the signal, those who took out the car started connecting sad women with hormones. We get headache because estrogen, progesterone in our blood kills. We cry when their level decreases. Stomachache also happens because of this and even heart attack happens because of this.

With this reason, medical science could not find a cure for migraine till now. What is the use of medicine-pill in the stormy upheaval of hormones!

history about hysteria in women and female admirers at bageshwar dham dhirendra shastriBaba Dhirendra Krishna Shastri of Bageshwar Dham treating female patients.

No one probed the hearts of the women who used to take bhabhuti-talismans from the babas-maulvis. No one has seen how much unwanted touching the girl had to face from childhood to teenage. After the marriage, the sobs behind the closed doors were unheard by everyone. After having a child, the woman who had decorated her career with gram-murre’s tongue remained as invisible as God.

Amidst the hiccups of hormones, these women will sometimes be seen in churches, sometimes in Baba’s court. Crying hysterically. No prohibition. Just, apply domestic touch in the cause of pain. This is also happening. Husband is ill. The child does not read. There is pain in the knees. Neighbors are enmity. Excuses so that the wounds of injustice remain hidden.

Here many women have spoken the truth even after taking the risk. There is no happiness of youth or songs of bubbles – pure truth. Of pain of inequality. And of every trouble, which she kept hiding for years in the name of keeping the house together. She does not go to any Baba-Taba’s court to cry, nor does she press her mouth into the pillow while crying. They just talk.

Needless to say, such women are also hysterical!