‘Will unemployment end by doing nectar garden?’ Politics intensified on renaming of Mughal Garden – Will unemployment end by doing Amrit Udyan Politics intensified on renaming of Mughal Garden ntc

'Will unemployment end by doing nectar garden?' Politics intensified on renaming of Mughal Garden - Will unemployment end by doing Amrit Udyan Politics intensified on renaming of Mughal Garden ntc

The Mughal Gardens located in the Rashtrapati Bhavan complex of India will now be known as ‘Amrit Udyan’. There are mixed reactions to this decision. Some people are targeting the government while some people are welcoming this step.

AIMIM national spokesperson Waris Pathan has opposed this decision of the government. Waris Pathan asked whether renaming of Mughal Garden and Tipu Sultan Garden will lead to the development of the country, unemployment will end? Will the price of petrol and diesel come down? BJP is only doing politics of naming to divert attention from real issues. Similarly, BJP changed the name of Tipu Sultan Garden in Malad, Mumbai. Waris Pathan described Tipu Sultan as great and targeted the BJP.

Appreciated by the Union Minister

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Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has appreciated this decision of the Central Government. He tweeted and wrote, ‘Welcome and thank you President. Mrs. Draupadi Murmu ji changed the name of the iconic gardens in Rashtrapati Bhavan to ‘Amrit Udyan’. This new name reflects India’s aspirations for Amritkal.

BJP leader thanked Modi ji

Some leaders are also supporting it for changing the name of this garden. BJP leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa has praised Prime Minister Modi for this decision. Tweeting the pictures, he wrote, ‘Picture of changing India. The Mughal Garden in Rashtrapati Bhavan will now be known as Amrit Udyan. Thank you Modi ji.

Mughal Garden is famous for its beauty

The Mughal Garden of Rashtrapati Bhavan is famous for its beauty. Millions of tourists come every year to see it. There are 138 types of roses, more than 10,000 tulips and about 5,000 seasonal flower species of 70 different species. This garden was opened for the common people by the first President of the country, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, since then it is opened for the public every year in the spring season.

QR code attached to each plant

Let us tell you that after today’s change, many changes have also been made for the convenience of the people coming to the Mughal Garden. QR code has been installed near all the plants. If anyone scans it, he will get all the information related to the plant. Along with this, 20 professional people have been deployed, who will give information about the garden to the people.

Why was the name named after the Mughals?

Significantly, after the attack of Babur in the 16th century, the Mughal Empire started in Delhi. After this Humayun, Akbar, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb took over the throne of Delhi. During this period, the Mughals got gardens built all over the country. Built more than one thousand (about 1200) gardens in Delhi. Later the British merged Mughal traditions with English aesthetics. This is the reason why it was named after the Mughals. The design of the Mughal Gardens is inspired by the Taj Mahal and the gardens of Jammu and Kashmir. The Mughal Gardens are divided into four parts – Chaturbhujkar Bagh, Talla Bagh, Curtain Bagh and Circular Bagh.