World Cup 2022 Round of 16, Kick-off in Nepali time

World Cup 2022 Round of 16
Aditya Chaudhary

The knockout rounds were the only objective shared by all 32 teams entering the 2022 FIFA World Cup. World Cup Round of 16 Nepal time.

Any player or coach will tell you that anything can happen in the single-elimination knockout stage. Teams don’t care how they get there, for this reason. They simply want to arrive.

Depending on the teams that qualify and where they finish in their group, some paths in the knockouts will prove to be easier than others. Each Round of 16 matchups is predetermined, with teams being placed according to how they placed in their respective groups.

A favorable first match can really set a team on its way to a deep run because, in the Round of 16, the winning countries are paired with the runners-up from another group.

The Round of 16 teams

Following the second round of group matches, six additional teams joined France, who became the first team to advance to the Round of 16 on November 26:

France (Group D) (Group D)
Brazil (Group G) (Group G)
Portugal (Group H) (Group H)
Netherlands (Group A) (Group A)
Senegal (Group A) (Group A)
England (Group B) (Group B)
USA (Group B)

World Cup Round of 16

DateMatchNepal Time
Sat, Dec. 3Netherlands vs. USA8:45 pm
Sat, Dec. 4Argentina vs Australia12:45 am
Sun, Dec. 4France vs Poland8:45 pm
Sun, Dec. 5England vs. Senegal12:45 am
Mon, Dec. 5Japan vs Croatia8:45 pm
Mon, Dec. 6Brazil vs South Korea12:45 am
Tue, Dec. 6Spain vs Morocco8:45 pm
Tue, Dec. 7Portugal vs Switzerland12:45 am